Do you want to connect your company with the LGBTQ community?   The gay and lesbian community have household incomes almost 80% above the US average.  More income equals more travel and more spend dollars during travel.   The LGBTQ community is more likely to support businesses that also support their community.  Show your support and become a sponsor today. 

WINTER PRIDE FEST SPONSORS are commited to being inclusive with all the LGTBTQIA+ community, but also include all local and international businesses that believe in equality and diversity.

We would like WINTER PRIDE FEST to be as accessible for everyone that wants to join and participate in helping it grow. For this reason, we’re opening spaces for businesses to help us expand and give to our community a better experience every year.

Feel free to check below all the different levels of sponsorship or email us at winterpridefest@gmail.com with SPONSORSHIP in the subject, or call us at 787-220-4204.


Below we have a four different options of sponsorship premiums and a brief description of what each includes. If you would like more information pleaze contact us at winterpridefest@gmail.com with SPONSORSHIP in the subject line.


STAY AT THE HEART OF THE PARTY. Check out our sponsored guest houses, hotels, hostels and Airbnbs on the reservation tab and have priority for our featured events..



Last January 2019 was packed with talented performers, all of it hosted by April Carrion from RuPaul’s Drag Race following a great line of drag queens, drag kings and Djs. Check out our gallery for some of our favorite event highlights!