Contest Rules

Win 2 nights free stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico at Coqui del Mar Guest House  

TO Enter the Contest:  
1) Vote for a performer by visiting Instagram @WinterPrideFest   Then comment on the latest post of Sunday 27 December with #(name of performer).  You enter the performer’s name here.  Typos are ok but all performers information is included on the PERFORMERS page.   And performers are listed below to make it easier for you. 🙂  For example #laborivogue


2) Follow @WinterPrideFest and @coquidelmarguesthouse AND the person who you are voting for (if they have Instagram). 

3) The winner will be picked at random on Friday January 1st 2021 at 4pm EST via Instagram Live @winterpridefest   (winner will be verified as to following the above accounts).  Winner will be contacted via Instagram.  

For the performers:  Thanks to the support of our Sponsors: Bristol Myers Squibb, American Red Cross PR, and Miller Lite PR, we have cash prizes to provide our performers.  (PLEASE PLEASE tip all performers)  
1st place for Drag Performance:  $400
1st Place Vogue Performance: $300
1st place Artistic: $200

The winner will be chosen from the totality of the hashtag votes from the voting contest above.  Ties will be split.  

Funding for performers without e-commerce

For those performers that do not have an established e-commerce platform in place, WPF will accept and direct tips appropriately. Please add the performer’s name in the notes, or if not possible, then send a separate text with the amount and performer.

Winter Pride Fest

Instagram: WinterPrideFest


ATH Movil: 787-220-4204

Zelle: Robert Villacres or 787-220-4204

cashapp: /robvillacres

VenMo: @winterpridefest

Aborta de Alien

Instagram: Abortadealien

Adi Love

Instagram: ILoveAdiLove

ATH Movil: 787-630-5050


Alyssa Hunter

Instagram: AlyssaHunter.PR

Anana Velvet

Instagram: AnanaVelvet


Angelo Garcia

Instagram: AngeloGarciaOfficalPage

Anoma Lia

Instagram: Anoma.liaa

Venmo: Bo_blanco

ATH Movil: 787-360-7835

Ariah Shante

Instagram: Ariah_shante

ATH Movil: 787-613-7578



Instagram: Sheisblue_

Venmo: Sheisblue

CashApp: ohyesgirls

Catalina Tyrrell

Instagram: Catalina.Tyrrell

Facebook: Catalina Tyrrell Rinaldi

ATH Movil: 939-259-8036

PayPal / WGael/

Chris Griandher

Instagram: c_Griandher

ATH Movil: 787-244-9232

Venmo: c_Griandher

Coco Freeo

Instagram: @cocofreeo

TikTok: @cocofreeo

VenMo: @JM-boise

PayPal: @jamsal192

Danel René

Instagram: Danielrenemusic

DJ Ed Wood

Instagram: DJEdWood_Official Ed Wood

DJ Kaya Té

INSTAGRAM: @papelonpapelon

ATH MOVIL:939-308-3413


Emethys Kills

INSTAGRAM: @callmeEmethys

ATH MOVIL:939-282-8212

Fabian Torres

INSTAGRAM: @fabianmusica

Gaybriel Confusia

INSTAGRAM: @GaybrielJosue


ATH MOVIL:787-930-2186


Inna Alejandra Miraj

INSTAGRAM: @Iam.laqueena

ATH MOVIL:787-244-1492

Jose Alfredo

INSTAGRAM: @JoseAlfredoMusica

Facebook: Jose Alfredo

Joe Pouze

INSTAGRAM: @joepouze

ATH MOVIL:787-710-4986


INSTAGRAM: @joepouze


Instagram: Jupitah.voila

ATH MOVIL:787-203-6296



La Bori Vogue

Instagram: LaBoriVogue

ATH: 787-610-8591


La Zavaleta


Venmo: La-Zavaleta
cashapp: lazavaleta

Le Queen

Instagram: @the_only_lequeen


Instagram: @ohhorlie

ATH Movil: 787-666-9081


Lumina Riviera Rola

Instagram: @Lumina

ATH Movil: 787-221-6097

Venmo: @luminarr


Maravllosa Placer

Instagram: @soymaravllosa

ATH Movil: 787-922-0193

Venmo: @omar1256


Myrtle Dulcet

Instagram: @myrtle.ducet

ATH Movil: 939-228-0085

Venmo: @omar1256

Nacio Simon

Instagram: NacioSimon

Instagram: Simondi_c

ATH Movil: 787-472-7772

Venmo: Simon_c88

Nomi Latoken

Instagram: Nomilatoken

Venmo: Zoe_Alva


Instagram: @iamperdid

She Is Blue

Instagram: Sheisblue_

Venmo: Sheisblue

CashApp: ohyesgirls

Sandro Martin de la Fuente

Instagram: SR_delaFuente

ATH Movil: 787-478-0399

Venmo: @sr_delafuente



cashApp: stasithequeen

Venmo: stasithequeen

Sunel Molina

Instagram: Sunelmolina

Instagram: Draglatina

YouTube: Sunel Molina

Sylas Crow

Instagram: Sylas.crow.cardoza

Venmo: @sylascrow

Tacha Rola

Instagram: Tacha.Rola

Venmo: @tacha-rola



Instagram @tey.yan
ATH Movil: 787-587-5147

Tonie Blues

Instagram: Tonieblues

ATH MOVIL: 787-518-8766

Ubi Aaron

Instagram: Ubiarron

VENMO: @ubiaaron

ATH MOVIL: 787-527-8029

Uma Goddess

Instagram: Uma.Goddess

ATH: 787-590-9111

Venmo @uma_g



Bobby Moya “AKA” The Mayor of Atlantic Beach

Joey Colon of the Camara de Comercio LGBTTQ Puerto Rico

Dr. Ardel Thomas, Author of Chair and Professor of LGBTQ Studies; Los Angeles City College.  Author of several books including “An Introduction to Transgender Studies”

Joey Pons of @AllianzaLGBTTQPR and LGBTQ advocate 

David Hawkins, of MY PR Lab @myprlab in Greenville, South Carolina and LGBTQ advocate

Adi Love, host and performer @iloveadilove